We are so thrilled to get you into our pants!

To ensure you choose the best fit, style, and color for you, please review of the bullets below before making your selections.

1. Fit

The Brecken pant comes in two fits-- Booty and Belly.

Booty Fit

Made to fit bodies with tummies and round bottoms, while accentuating wide hips and thick thighs and calves.

Belly Fit

Made to fit bodies with tummies and smaller bottoms, while accentuating wide hips and narrow calves.

Note: Are you are unsure which fit is best for you because you have a booty and a belly? If your booty sticks out more than your belly, we recommend the booty fit. If your belly sticks out more than your booty, we recommend the belly fit.


The Brecken pant is designed to be flexible in terms of sizing so that if your weight/size fluctuates a bit, they will still fit.  The waistband, in particular is highly adjustable. We consider our size chart to be a guideline for choosing the right size rather than a hard and fast rule.


  • You should be good to go if you base your choice of size on your hip measurement and the size you normally wear in other popular plus-size brands such as Torrid and Lane Bryant.  
  • Most people between sizes are sizing down, but you may find you want a tighter or looser fit based on personal preference.
  • If you prefer a legging like fit, we recommend sizing down. If you like a relaxed fit, we recommend choosing your most common true plus-size. 
  • You can also use the size chart and measure your body to find the best fit for you. 


Scary Berry

Our wild child of colors. Picture the berries you find in the wild, the ones that look so vibrant and delicious until Mother Nature decides to play a practical joke. Scary Berry is that mischievous shade—the color of berries that might have the local wildlife saying, "Trust me, you don't want to eat those."

Slippy Rock

This color pays homage to those smooth river rocks that keep us on our toes—or on our butts! Get ready to rock your curves like never before as the wild river beckons you to dance across to the other side. Our Slippy Rock hue captures the essence of those sneaky river rocks that make every crossing an impromptu performance.

Still at a loss for what size and fit will work best for you? Feel free to email any questions about fit to