Thicket Adventure strives to increase representation of larger-bodied folks in the outdoors by creating technical outdoor apparel in plus sizes.


All humans can go into any outdoor retail store and buy high-quality apparel and gear in sizes that accommodate all bodies.


All bodies are good bodies

We are a body-liberated brand and believe all bodies are good bodies. We reject diet culture.

Anti-fat bias in the outdoor retail world is unacceptable.

67% of the population is plus-size (size 14 and above). This is not reflected in the current outdoor retail world. We strive to work to change this so that plus-size folks can walk into any major outdoor retailer and purchase well-fitting technical outdoor clothing and gear.

All humans have the right to be an outdoor badass and experience nature in their own way

Larger-bodied folks, BIPoC, LGBTQ+, older folks, people with disabilities, and lower-income folks are vastly underrepresented in the outdoors. We believe everyone has the right to experience the benefits of the outdoors and we support brands and influencers who are working to increase representation outdoors.

Don’t be mean to nature

We believe that when it comes to taking care of mother nature, our brand has the power to educate as well as inspire. Experiencing the outdoors comes with a responsibility to be a good steward to the environment.

Finding your squad unleashes your inner superhero.

We believe and have experienced firsthand that spending time with other fat outdoorsy folks can help you feel a sense of belonging, safety, and invincibility in nature.

Be whoever the fuck you want to be.

Whether you want to climb Mt. Everest or you want to take a selfie by a tree, we believe that anyone who feels a connection to nature can define themselves as outdoorsy and should be able to dress the part.