Our Story

It all started at an Unlikely Hikers event where Arwen and Kara met. It will end when we can all go into any outdoor retail store and buy high-quality apparel and gear in sizes that accommodate all bodies.

Meet Arwen

Arwen Turner is the Chief Imagination Officer of Thicket Adventure and a fat outdoors enthusiast.  The idea for this company came after Arwen went on a body inclusive group hike, met a bunch of fellow fat hikers who were badasses and got really mad that there was not gear and apparel for all the fat outdoorsy (and future fat outdoorsy) people out there.  Arwen has over 20 years experience in non-profit leadership and fund-development in the United States and abroad. Arwen loves swimming in lakes, getting dirty outside and chocolate cupcakes.

Meet Kara

Kara Hardman is the Chief Fun Officer of Thicket Adventure. Her favorite adventures include kayaking, walking and porch sitting. Kara has been in a plus size body for many years and understands the thought work it takes to love yourself exactly as you are. In March 2019, Kara climbed Kilimanjaro with the Cury Kili Crew, an all women’s group of curvy hikers, for International Women’s Day. This trip convinced her of the need for size inclusive apparel.